Ally Awards 2019: Champions for LGBTQ2S+ Students and Youth

We are having our 4th ever Ally Awards on October 17th at The 519. This version was inspired by the allies that fought back and largely won the battle on sex ed in Ontario. And at the granular level it recognizes the heroic and largely unsung efforts of one man to help kids who are LGBTQ2S+ survive without supportive families.

We will have great stuff to nibble and great stuff to drink courtesy of Pepsi, Steamwhistle Beer, Beattie’s Vodka and Barefoot Wines.  Our entertainment will be anchored by celebrities who are proud parents of a trans daughter: Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath. They will be joined by others who will entertain in between us honouring three recipients of this year’s awards.

Lots will be said about Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario President Sam Hammond, Pflag mom Marla Green and Terrence Rodriguez, founder of Rexdale Pride. Sam led his union to challenge the province in the courts. Marla stepped up her visits to schools to reassure kids they were perfect and loved. Terrence continued to build his kids’ confidence and worked to make their schools more accepting, while making sure they had a bed and dinner.

We had to acknowledge these incredible people who stood up for our kids.

We need you to step up too. 

We will make it easy for you to send a letter supporting transgender students who are only in the curriculum in the dog day months of the end of grade eight.  Many of these kids will endure self-doubt and harassment while they wait.

Another good reason for you to rush to Eventbrite and get your tickets!