2019 Ally Award Winners

On October 17th, 2019, Toronto Pflag families will celebrate three Ally Award Winners who fight heroically on behalf of and in support of LGBTQ2S+ Students and Youth. This is going to be and incredible event! Get your tickets here, now! Or learn more about Toronto Pflag's 2019 Ally Awards ceremony, cocktail reception and fundraiser here!


Terrence Rodriguez, rex Pride

Photo of Ally Award Winner Terrence Rodriguez.jpg

Terrence Rodriguez heads up REX Pride, a community of LGBTQ2S+ students in the Rexdale area of Toronto.  Terrence actively promotes the health and well-being of LGBTQ2S+ youth while helping to supporting them and keep them together as part of his REX Pride family.  At a time when many of these kids have been rejected and ousted from their homes, Terrence stands beside them and behind them, mentoring them during most of his days, and an being an Ally to them in their darkest of nights. From helping students to get a bed at the shelter, or the being an emotional support for many youth who don't have elsewhere to turn.   Our Toronto Pflag volunteers have worked alongside Terrence and REX Pride trying reach out and develop support for diverse families in Rexdale. 

Terrence is a fearless Ally who enriches the lives of his LGBTQ2S+ students in Rexdale.  When Allies are few and far between, Terrence is a pillar of support, leadership and guidance for his students.  He is modest and humble hero, deeply loved by his beautiful, resilient, and incredibly diverse LGBTQ2S+ family. 

Sam hammond, ETFO


With more than 20 years of elementary teaching experience as a physical education and health specialist, Sam Hammond, in his role as President of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is a vocal advocate and Ally to the LGBTQ2S+ families throughout the rollback of the 2015 Health & Physical Education curriculum.  Under his leadership ETFO launched a charter challenge against the government, and added ETFO's voice in stark opposition to the "snitch line" introduced as a tool to report on educators not adhering to the outdated 1998  curriculum.  In media Sam stated that teaching issues such as diverse relationships, gender identities and consent are vital for student safety, well-being and inclusivity.  

These exact sentiments are echoed by LGBTQ2S+ Families & Allies across Ontario who responded to Pflag's “Have Your Say” community consultation conducted province-wide by 23 Pflag chapters.    HAVE YOUR SAY received 398 responses, representing views from 499 individuals from 23 local Pflag chapters from Thunder Bay to Cornwall to Sarnia.   And non-chapter-affiliated responses from over 50 regions in Ontario.    
Full Report here: 

Sam Hammond is an advocate, educator and tireless supporter of LGBTQ2S+ youth.  He is an Ally, and champion helping to open minds and hearts of the next generation of students in Ontario.    

Marla Green, pflag mom


For nearly a decade Proud Pflag Parent Marla Green has supported LGBTQ2S+ youth and their families through her volunteer work as an integral part of Toronto Pflag's peer-support team, helping to facilitate the East End Coxwell support meeting at Kimbourne United Church and helping to answer telephone support line calls during the week.    Marla has volunteered countless hours as Toronto Pflag's former Vice-President, Board Director, and ambassador at school presentations and assemblies, Pride Parades, and a helping hand when organize critical fundraising events or pinch-hitting as emcee for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHTB) at City Hall.   

Marla is a titan amongst Pflag Parents, a selfless leader, a pillar of support, a tireless compadre, and a trustworthy champion and friend to Pflag’s extended families.  Marla is known as resourceful always-at-the-ready expert, open to meet and share her story  and experience with families in need, at meetings, during coffees or one-on-one chats, and spending hours on the phone with strangers who need a sympathetic ear and non-judgemental guidance. 

Toronto Pflag families know Marla’s big heart and caring disposition, having been touched personally and impacted by Marla's kindness and resourcefulness to help as an Ally.   

Come support our 2019 Ally Award Winners at this year’s fantastic event on Oct 17!